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Eagle MachineABOUT US

Luoyang Eagle Machine Co.,Ltd. was established in 2003. It is specialized in developing and manufacturing CNC shaped glass cutting machines, which supply the relative glass cutting technical supports and services for glass deep-process industry.
      EAGLE machine has been proved by lots of enterprises domestic and abroad which engaged in automobile, furniture, household electrical appliance and architecture.etc. The main performance index of our products have achieved to the same level of the world first-line brands and been widely recognized by customers.


Good quality

Features Of Our Equipment

Excellent man-machine interface

Excellent man-machine interface makes it easily to learn and convenient to operate. World-leading brands electrical and mechanical components are adopted to guarantee the reliability and cutting precision.

Powerful diagram gallery

Hundreds of shapes available. Almost all the possible cutting diagrams are supplied by the software which is convenient to use directly or by changing the parameter. Provide the tools for drawing, editing, splicing, etc. Available for AUTO-CAD.

Optimize the cutting path automatically

Each one cutting point is the one nearby the end point. To reduce the empty-head running and improve the working efficiency. Increasing glass utilization and reduce the cost.

Laser scanning positioning system

Equipped with laser-scanning & Profiling scanning system The system makes sure the accurate cutting however the glass sheet is putting on the table interface.

All-kinds of protection functions

All-kinds of protection functions to ensure the safety and stable operation.
Protection for overload, overheat. Protection for X/Y axis hardware and software. Protection for interlock action.

Rapid replacement of the cutter head structure

Also the cutting pressure is changing automatically according to the cutting lines and speeds. It is suited for cutting different shapes and thickness of the glass sheets.

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